Our fantastic tours in Cuba

Cuba is an amazing and safe country where you can have a lot of fun and learn about its culture and history. It has the whole package: dancing, music, cigars, friends and more. Havana, its capital was declared World Heritage Site in 1982 by UNESCO and in 2014 as a Wonder City. Those awards have made Havana one of the most visited Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean.In 2016, Cuba received around more than 4 millions visitors.

Here we are proposing you some of our best tours in which you can learn and have a lot of fun by sharing your experiences with the warm Cuban people and enjoy some of our attractions in a very singular way. You can book different tours according to your preferences, but we can assure that any of them will make you spend the greatest time you have ever had with your family and friends.

So, come and see how really Cuba is and let’s share it together. Don’t wait any longer. It would be an honor and a pleasure to accompany you in these unforgettable adventure trips.