Domestic flights

Book your flight between La Havana and Cayo Largo del Sur

Bnb4Cuba, your travel agency in Cuba is happy to let you book your flight to Cayo Largo, the more intimate part of Cuba. From La Havana, our flights take about 40 minutes to land at the Cayo largo airport. Are you ready to glimpse heaven?

The island that you deserve !

This motto belongs to this little island in the south of Cuba. Because your holidays are precious, and because you choose her, Cayo largo will take care of you for an unforgettable journey.

A simple and relax atmosphere

Far from mass tourism, Cayo Largo del Sur is a perfect place to make a break during your travel in Cuba. With her blue sea and her calm, this little island won a great reputation all around the world. Escape from cities and roads, drink a cocktail on the beach and let the time desappear !